About Us

CTE Logo 2013

The Company

CTE was established in 1992 and formally incorporated in 1995 by its Founder and Principal Engineer, Michael Veegh, P.E. MBA.

"Our mission is to make your project a success."

As licensed professional engineers we are engaged in engineering and design as needed for the construction phase of demanding bridge and infrastructure projects, mainly in North America but also internationally, with experience in Puerto Rico, Taiwan and South Africa.

We specialize in bridge construction engineering and related enabling technologies such as post-tensioning, heavy lifting, self-launching form systems, bridge launching, shoring and more. Some of this know-how we also apply in other types of construction such as buildings, stadiums and energy infrastructure.

Bringing innovative solutions to difficult construction projects is what we do. We back this with thirty-four years of experience in advanced construction techniques and a passion for delivering exceptional solutions whenever possible.

Our Edge

As creative problem solvers we are driven to excellence in what we do, always searching long and hard for a better solution.

As hands-on engineers, we have a very good understanding of what happens in the field and how it is accomplished. We have built forms, tied rebar, welded steel, finished concrete and installed post-tensioning. This knowledge is very much reflected in our work as we mentally go through the individual field operations to make sure our designs are efficient, practical and constructable.

We understand that construction is a business with many risks. We aim to reduce risk in our designs, carefully weighing the costs and benefits of what we do. Not every decision we make is a technical decision. Simply because something is technically feasible does not mean it is prudent.

Engineering Your Success

For more than thirty years, we have been helping contractors meet their challenges by developing and checking construction systems and methods for some of their most demanding projects. Whether the work called for heavy lifting, incremental launching, post-tensioning, temporary works, form travelers, arch construction or forming and shoring, we have kept our clients on track and out of trouble with timely, effective and innovative solutions.

Arch construction temporary works and form travelers
Fig. 1 - Temporary works designed for the Crooked River Arch Bridge near Bend, Oregon.