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Crooked River Gorge - Arch Bridge

• Construction Engineering
• Arch Form Travelers
• Temporary Towers
• Tie-back System
• First Lift Falsework
• Shop Drawings
• Technical Assistance
CTE supplied complete designs for the form travelers and temporary works for the arch construction. The contract included two different types of travelers, one for the arch ribs and a second traveler for the slab connecting the two ribs. Also included was the design of the temporary towers with stressing platforms, the arch tie-back cables and the tower anchorage blocks, held in place by rock anchors. The form travelers were also configured to be part of the falsework for the first pour. For subsequent segments, the rib form travelers were supported by the leading stay cables, requiring sliding and rotating connection mechanisms in the travelers. 
Crooked River Gorge Bridge, Bent, Oregon
   •  Clear span of the concrete arch is 125 m, over a 100 m deep gorge
   •  Arch ribs were cast separately, and later joined by the arch slab spanning between them
   •  The form travelers were supported by the leading tie-back cables, resulting in lighter travelers
   •  Arch halves were built in sequence, rather than simultaneously, to reduce equipment costs
   •  The closure pours were done with the travelers, thus requiring no special form work
 Picture by SDI
 Picture by Kiewit